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When we're in the heart of a place it's strange how we just know,
the reason behind it's secret, inner glow.
The answer starts with a trickle, like droplets of a river being born,
then it circles our being, like a raptor chasing thermals in the eye of a storm.
Until finally we are 'cradled' by the spirit of Tasmania,
With it's mountains and lakes breathing out their own, distinctive flavour.
My days in this haven were only but a few,
Yet it's tastes and smells are still like fresh morning dew.

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Paula and Miki(non-registered)
Wow! Mick! That was amazing! We LOVE them they rock. Please take heaps more because they are so awesome!
Mick Black(non-registered)
Love the photos, Can you take me with you on one of these trips....
Awsome stuff
Amazing scenes again Mick! Tasmania looks a wonderfull place to visit. Thanks for sharing.
You do amazing work! Thank you.
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