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Some people have a jackpot, others have a song.
Some find direction while others never seem to belong.
In this world there's always openess that beckons our minds to 'walk'..
And to discover, in the process, endless horizons that silently 'talk'.
They speak a language of simplicity where colours transform and bring life,
They speak of daredevils and musicians whose talents transfix our minds.
The moon can light a silver stairway, the sun can create a fireworks show,
A reflection can be mirrored perfection, a blue sky can become white craziness to earthlings below.
So....look out for that rainbow, don't miss those lines in the sand,
Cause nature delivers impromptu messages that we can truly understand.
"Lunar Eclipse"  - Broken HeadBroken HeadByron Bay Lighthouse by Moon Light"Rush Hour" North Avoca